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City Kids
Welcome to the Mandurah Community Museum Education Website. Our Museum features photographs, objects and information which reflect the progression of Mandurah from pre-settlement through its development as a quiet holiday town into the thriving city we know today!

Come and discover the fascinating stories of the Peel Region and learn about significant people and events in our local history…

The Mandurah Community Museum

Represents People
The museum holds information, objects and oral history recordings about the people that have played a part in making Mandurah the place it is today.
Embraces Culture
Mandurah takes its name from the Noongar word Mandjoogoordap - meaning meeting place. The Mandjoogoordap Gallery, developed in association with the Indigenous Advisory Group, reflects this ancient heritage.
Illustrates Change
Mandurah’s first dental technician used this foot pedalled dentist drill, as prior to 1932, Mandurah had no power.
Embodies history
The museum collection is housed in one location incorporating three buildings; the first government school, the courthouse and the police station.

Museum Receives Significant Donation
The Museum has received the significant donation of the yacht Canopus from the Blakeley family. The Museum’s current focus on the fishing and maritime heritage of Mandurah has allowed this donation to be achieved. The significance of Canopus lies in that it is the only object which can be said to span the three great eras of the economic and social history of Mandurah. It was the last cargo carrying boat that took farm produce to metropolitan markets and returned with stores for the townspeople as boats had done from 1830. It took part in fishing and the fish canning industry when cargo carrying became unviable. When, in turn, fish canning became uneconomic Canopus was employed in the tourist trade as part of one of the first tourist oriented businesses in the Peel region. This reflects the three great economic leaps that Mandurah and the people who made up its community had to make to enter the 20th Century. The boat has now been successfully braced, temporarily secured to its custom made cradle and moved from its exposed position in a back yard to a shed in Bouvard which has been supplied by community stalwart and former estuary fisherman Brian Toussaint.
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Dalrymple School Room Digital Re-enactment
The Posthumous Monster Digital Projection Extravaganza launch date was March 8, 2012.
A re-enactment dedicated to William Robert Dalrymple, a local pioneer of education during the early nineteen hundreds took place in Dalrymple School.
Mandurah children from Glencoe Primary School and local resident Patrick Kilcoyne spent 2 days filming. They recreated a typical school day in the early 1900s and experienced for themselves, what school would have been like.
This film is shown to visitors and school groups to the Museum, to enhance their experience, understanding and interpretation of Dalrymple School.
You are welcome to view this digital re-enactment when you visit the Mandurah Community Museum.

Changes at the Museum
Interested in Mandurah’s history and heritage. Contribute to the creation of permanent exhibits by filling out the survey. Click on the link and have your say.
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Delighted to have stumbled upon the museum, on a day’s visit.
- Sidney Whitaker, Bangor , Scotland.

Inspirational – found my dad, Bill. Looking for Grandfather Clayton.
- Deanne Fogarty (nee Davey)

Wonderful trip down memory lane and everybody so helpful.
- Felicity Latnagart and Dorothy Grinsted

Wonderful memories. In the 1950s we had desks and inkwells like this! Loved playing with the phone!
- Alan Parr, Brighton, England 26/03/2007

We both really enjoyed visiting this museum. I (Kara) have been coming here from Perth for 20 years. Very interesting to get to know the history
- Kara and Luke 07/01/07

A truly stunning insight to the town of Mandurah
- Smyth 28/03/2007

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