Full Service Movers

Whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, movers are responsible for getting your belongings safely from one home to another. They’re highly trained, and they work as part of a team. They understand how to handle and pack different types of items, including delicate glassware and artwork, and they know how to properly load a truck to maximize space and safety.

If you’re planning to move in the future, be sure to do your research on movers before hiring them. You should look at their reputation, check online reviews and ensure they’re licensed and insured. It’s also a good idea to get estimates from several movers so you can compare prices. However, don’t be fooled by cheap movers, as low prices often come with hidden fees.

Full service movers include a variety of services in their packages, including packing, unpacking and reassembling furniture. They’ll also load your items onto the truck and transport them to your new home, if needed. They may also be able to disassemble and reassemble large, bulky furniture like beds and tables. They’ll even haul away all of the boxes and wrappings when they’re done.

A full-service move can take a while to complete, but it’s worth the time and money for many people. Reputable movers will offer full value protection, which means your belongings are covered from the moment they’re packed until they arrive at your new home. This coverage is important because it covers the cost of replacing your items if they’re lost or damaged during transit.

Reputable movers will provide you with an estimated time frame for the entire process. This is usually based on an in-home survey or detailed inventory. They will also give you a breakdown of charges and any extra fees that may apply. They’ll then send a crew to your home to do the actual move. The length of time it takes to complete the move can vary depending on the season. During the summer, when movers are busiest, it can take longer to get your items delivered.

If you’re in the market for a full service move, be sure to hire a reputable company with plenty of experience and excellent customer reviews. Ask to see copies of their licenses and insurance before signing any contracts. You should also be wary of any movers that don’t have branded trucks or have a physical address. These red flags could indicate that they’re a fly-by-night moving company that’s not worth the risk.