How to Lookup VPN Users

VPNs are great for protecting your privacy online. However, some people use them to bypass geo-blocking and gain access to websites or services that are restricted in their countries due to copyright laws. For example, many streaming media companies limit the availability of their content to citizens of specific countries to comply with copyright law. Some people also use VPNs to circumvent gambling restrictions, so they can place bets from locations where they are not legally allowed to do so.

To check whether someone is using a VPN, you can look at their IP address. If it matches a server’s address, they are likely using a VPN to mask their IP address. Another way to detect VPN use is to check their web traffic. If it is slower than usual, it is possible that their VPN is rerouting their internet connection.

The easiest way to find your public IPĀ lookup VPN address is by typing “What Is My IP” into Google. The website that appears will display your public IP address, along with information such as your country, ISP, and city. You can also use privacy-focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo to find your IP address. Alternatively, you can use PureVPN’s IP lookup tool to get your public IP address and more information. You can also use DNSLeakTest to see if your VPN is handling your DNS lookups for you. If not, your VPN can expose your general location to the websites you visit.