Is Arzel Zoning Right For Your Home?

Arzel zoning

If you’re looking for zoning equipment for your HVAC system, ArzelĀ® Zoning Technology, Inc. produces the highest quality zoning equipment on the market. Designed to provide energy savings and comfort in a given area, Arzel zoning systems are a reliable and convenient way to make the most of your HVAC system. But what is zoning, exactly, and how can you find out if it’s right for your home?

Comfort in a specific area

The Arzel(r) zoning system is a great solution for homeowners who are uncomfortable with inconsistent temperature levels in certain rooms. This technology allows homeowners to specify separate temperatures in specific areas of their home, thereby customizing the level of comfort. The concept behind Arzel zoning is similar to that of dual-zone climate controls in cars. Using automatic dampers and multiple thermostats, the system is much less expensive than traditional HVAC systems.

Each zone of Arzel zoning features its own thermostat and patented damper system to regulate the flow of conditioned air. Typically, each Arzel zone is comprised of one room, but can also include multiple rooms, or even a combination of rooms. Once installed, the Arzel system can save you a lot of money in energy bills. There are no drilling holes or disruption of the home.

Energy savings

Arzel zoning for energy savings allows homeowners to customize their comfort by adjusting temperature in specific areas of their home. Inefficient heating and cooling results in uneven temperatures throughout the home, which can lead to higher energy bills. This system features patented air-driven dampers that allow homeowners to control temperatures in certain rooms. For example, an upstairs bedroom may require more heat to be comfortable than a downstairs guest bedroom, and the opposite holds true for an unfinished basement.

Arzel products are available for all types of ductwork and can be installed in virtually any configuration. Arzel’s ZVI-Control allows for zoned heating and cooling without a complex ductwork design. This unique system also allows homeowners to control the volume of fresh air that enters each zone to improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. By controlling the amount of fresh air that enters each zone, Arzel products can reduce energy usage while boosting indoor air quality.

Quiet operation

An Arzel zoning system enables you to control the temperature in specific areas of your home. The system’s dampers operate using air pressure and require little service. There are no motors or gears to keep the system running smoothly. This quiet operation is enhanced by an industry-leading warranty. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the dampers and all parts of the system. In addition to these advantages, Arzel is one of the few manufacturers with a lifetime warranty.

The Arzel Zoning system uses cutting-edge technology to regulate the temperature in individual rooms with ductwork. Its quiet operation is a major benefit, as is its efficient performance. You can choose to zone single rooms or groups of rooms, and enjoy uniform temperatures throughout your home. No more hot spots and no ductwork hassles. In addition to providing comfortable temperatures in all areas of your home, Arzel zoning systems also increase energy efficiency, lower your energy bill, and reduce maintenance costs.


The reliability of an Arzel zoning system is legendary. This company manufactures industry-leading zoning solutions that solve many common problems in homes and businesses. The systems are highly reliable, easy to install, and come with the industry’s only lifetime warranty. Read on to learn more about these benefits of Arzel. And if you’re still not convinced, check out these testimonials from satisfied customers. You’ll see why Arzel is the right choice for your HVAC system.

Another benefit of Arzel zoning systems is that they save energy. Compared to other HVAC systems, they use less energy and only heat and cool areas that need them. Some zoning systems are noisy, and some are designed with loud ductwork motors. However, Arzel technology is silent and safe, and the system is built to last. After nearly 40 years in the field, these products are reliable and durable.


If you want to control the temperature of your home individually, you might consider installing an Arzel zoning system. The technology of this patented system allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms in your home. It works like a light switch, so one switch turns on the light in the other room, but not the other way around. Depending on your needs, you can control the heating and cooling in each room individually, or you can program it to make certain rooms warmer or cooler.

In addition to eliminating hot and cold spots, Arzel zoning also increases energy efficiency. This technology uses less energy than other HVAC systems and only heats and cools rooms that are actively used. Another benefit of Arzel is that it eliminates the need for portable heaters or air conditioners. The technology also allows you to control the temperature in different rooms, saving you money on energy costs. With its multiple thermostats, the Arzel system is safe and durable.