Selecting the Right Pool Contractor: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re thinking about installing a new swimming pool or getting your existing pool in shape, you should hire an experienced and reputable contractor. You’ll want to make sure the company you select can meet your expectations and that the project will be done within a reasonable amount of time, at a fair price, with no surprises. You should also ask for references from previous clients and contact them for feedback.

There are many pitfalls that can occur in pool construction and maintenance. One of the worst is for a builder to give you an estimate, take a large portion of your money and then disappear, leaving you with a hole in your backyard and nothing to show for it. Avoid this by choosing a pool company that has been around for a while and can provide local references.

It’s also a good idea to get a written contract with the pool contractor that clearly lays out what is included in your estimate and the payment schedule. The contract should explain how they will prepare the site, what the estimated excavation costs will be and what is included in the price of the finished pool. It should also discuss how they will handle any changes to the scope of work or if unexpected problems arise during the job.

Any reputable pool contractor company should have both worker’s compensation and general liability insurance for their employees and subcontractors. Because they will be using heavy equipment on your property and digging a big hole in the back yard, it’s important that any injuries that may happen are covered by these policies. This protects you from being held liable for the laborers’ lost wages if they are injured on the job, as well as any damages to your property caused by the workers’ negligence.

You should also find out how the contractor checks the background and criminal history of their employees and subcontractors. You’ll be trusting these people with access to your home and family, so you should make sure that they’re reputable and qualified. This can be done by asking for a copy of their current state contractor’s license, proof of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.

You should also look at the company’s website for relevant information and a portfolio of past projects. Check online reviews and testimonials from past customers and speak with them directly. You can usually tell a lot about a company and its professionalism by the quality of its customer service.